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Scam Warning

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Safety Guidelines for Members Against Scammers (Criminals)

We are taking every precaution to make Au pair Bureau a safe platform for both au pairs and families.

99.9% of the families on this site are perfectly honest and genuine. Unfortunately, in life there are always a few bad people who spoil things for the rest of us.

All au pair and nanny membership websites sometimes get 'families' who are not what they say they are. We want our members to find their aupair or aupair placement without falling victim to scams.

How to Avoid a Scam:

  • Always use Aupair Bureau Private Messaging System, this way if you are not happy with a member, you can always block them in your profile. Once you block another member they can not contact you again until you unblock that member.
  • We strongly recommend you DO NOT under any circumstances SEND Money, Checks, Western Union, Money Gram or any other method of payment to anyone especially if they are from Nigeria or Cameroon.
  • Scammers posing as a family offer a high salary to make the job look attractive. They eventually ask for money directly or involve a bogus travel agency to get money claiming that it is needed for the ticket, visa and paperwork.
  • It is also recommended that you DO NOT provide anyone any sensitive information about yourself such as your bank account number, your passport number or photocopy of your passport, and your social security number.
  • Please use commonsense and caution if you have any suspicion about a user and report it to us immediately.

If you can answer "yes" to some of these questions, then the family may not be genuine:

  • Do they ask you to send money, for visas or documents, to them or to an 'agency'? Real families NEVER ask you for money!
  • Do they ask you to email their "solicitor", "lawyer", "legal representative" or "travel agents"? If they do, they are scammers (criminals).
  • Do they ask you for strange or unusually detailed information about your family? For example: your passport number, your national ID number, your Mother's maiden name? Never give them these details.
  • Do they offer you a job before asking you lots of questions and before they know much about you?
  • Do they fail to send many photos of themselves?

Some Known Scam Schemes

Scam 1: A person who is posing as a Host Family sends emails and bogus checks to au pairs or nannies as supposed advance payments for aupair or nanny services, only to follow up with an email stating that his wife and daughter (or twin daughters in some cases) have died in a car accident and then he requests that you send him a new check! as he no longer needs your services. His ploy is to send you a bogus check and then have you send him a good check or a payment by Western Union.

Scam 2: A person who is posing as a host family sends e-mails to aupairs or nannies forwarding them to his ticket agent and asking them to:
"Make enquiries about the tickets and work permit document from their country to the UK. He asks them to get back to him via email and he says; "don't worry about any expenses that this might cost you, I shall refund all expenses after you get here when I pick you up from the airport, I just want to be sure if you really want to work for me..."
Of course if the au pair sends the money he or she never again hears from this person.

Be cautious! Schemes may be elaborate, involving supposed travel agents, professors, deans, parents and other false references. Do not let yourself be fooled.

Do you know any scams or have you had similar experiences? Please send them to us, so we can warn other members too.


Please do not reply to their messages or give your email address simply block them in your profile and they will soon forget about you! Also don't forget to report them so we can investigate and cancel their membership.

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