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Live In Nanny or Live Out Nanny

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Deciding between a live in nanny, live out nanny and an au pair may sound like a difficult decision. Below you will see some of the common questions and answers. Please note that it is impossible to cover the rules for every country, therefore these are to be seen as general guidelines. Please check with your government to see if there are special rules for your own country.

Cost of a Live In Nanny

The first thing you will want to decide is whether you want a live in nanny or a live out nanny. In general live in nannies are less expensive than having children in a day-care centre. You have to provide a weekly salary, which varies from £220 to £300 per week (after tax), depending on where you are in the world and the experience of your live in nanny. You also have to provide food and accommodation (her own room) for a live in nanny. In some countries you may have to employ your live in nanny through one of the recognised government agencies, and pay for the administration charge. However, the overall cost will normally work out less than the cost of having 2 children in a day-care centre.

If you employ a live in nanny there will be extra costs too. Such as:

  1. Your domestic bills will be higher, you will have to purchase extra food
    If your live in nanny drives, you will need to insure her for the car she drives
    You may want to keep your phone line private by installing extra phone line.
    You may also want to contribute towards her mobile phone bill if she is using her mobile for work.
    Live in Nannies usually expect regular pay reviews just like any job. Some employers pay nannies bonuses during busy periods, around Christmas etc. to keep nannies motivated.
    Families (employers) will have to pay tax and National Insurance on top of the net amount. Visit Nanny Tax for more information.

Cost of a Live Out Nanny

Live out nanny can expect to be paid around £260 to £400 per week (after tax) depending on the working hours and experience.

Having a Stranger Living in your Home

This is a personal decision everyone, most families find that the benefits of having live in nannies are much greater than the imagined loss of privacy. Families should take the time to get to know the potential nannies by interviewing before they offer a job. If face to face interview is not possible, families should at least take a little time, emailing and talking on the phone. Before your new nanny becomes 'part of the family'.
In general when nannies asked to leave by the families, it is often because the decision to employ them in the first place was made too quickly. So in order to avoid disappointment for both sides families should ask their potential new nannies as many questions as possible to get to know them better.

Food for Live In Nannies

Generally, nannies will eat with the family or with the children when the parents are working, and it is normal for them to eat what the family eats.

Additional Benefits of Live In Nannies

Live in nannies generally help around the home, which can reduce the time you have to spend cooking, cleaning or tidying up. Nannies can also be asked to do some babysitting in the evenings, giving you the chance to go out more. Sometimes, it may be useful having someone who will wait in for the boiler repairman so that you don't have to take time off from work!

Live in Nanny Versus Live Out Nanny

  • Live in nannies are generally more flexible. They can be called for last minute emergencies. Of course Employers should not make a habit of this.
  • Live in nannies expect their own bedroom and bathroom in the same house. A Live in nanny's bedroom should be comfortable, pleasant with a TV and some privacy where she can relax away from the family.
  • Your home is their home too. When you have a live in nanny you have to be more considerate. Your live in nanny will have friends and partners around.
  • Live out or a daily nanny is more like a business like arrangement. Live out nanny does her daily work and leaves, whereas live in nanny is with you most of the time. She is part of your life. 
  • Live in nannies may be cheaper but you have to take in to consideration the living costs as well!
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