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Childcare Safety Guide

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If you are considering working as an au pair, nanny, baby sitter etc. and looking after other people’s children you should consider taking a proper course in child care.

Here are some basic tips that you should follow should you ever find yourself responsible for looking after children.

Please note that this is only a guide.

Au pair Nanny Baby Sitter Basic Childcare Safety Guide

  • Never leave a child even unattended in a bath for even a few moments
  • When running a bath for a child never leave them unattended in the bathroom whilst the taps are running.
  • Always make sure that saucepan handles are facing into the middle of the cooker hob to avoid the child pulling the saucepan on themselves.
  • Always remember to hold a child’s hand as they cross the road.
  • Always replace lids and tighten securely on cleaning products, such as bleach, and keep these products in a locked cupboard.
  • Check with the parents to find out if the child is allergic to any foods or medicines, eg nuts
  • Do not leave a baby or a child outside alone especially in a public place.
  • Where possible cross a road at a zebra crossing or a pelican crossing with traffic lights.
  • Keep all medicines in a locked cupboard or out of a child’s reach.
  • Do not leave sharp knives or scissors where a child can reach and play with them.
  • Keep matches away from children and in a cupboard out of reach.
  • Always collect a child from school on time or telephone the school to inform them if you are going to be late collecting the child.
  • Do not let children play with plastic bags in case they put it over their head and suffocate.
  • Do not allow the child to open the front door of the family home to strangers.
  • Help and watch children whilst they walk/climb downstairs
  • Never accept a lift in a car anywhere with strangers
  • Do not encourage the child to speak to strangers
  • Never let a stranger into the family home unless the family have given you their permission
  • Make sure that small objects are not left lying around for a baby to pick up and put into its mouth.
  • Always make sure that a child is fastened into a car wearing the correct car seat straps or seatbelts.
  • Make sure you are aware of how to contact the emergency services should the need arise
  • Strap babies into a high chair using the safety strap

We all know that accidents can happen at any time and there will always be that unguarded moment when attention is diverted elsewhere. Statistics show that a child dies everyday in an accident and that accidents are the single greatest cause of death among children and young people in the UK – they put more children in hospital than any other cause; and yet the vast majority of parents and au pairs would not know what to do if a child or baby stopped breathing or started choking. Anyone left alone with young children should be equipped with basic first aid skills and information which can help stop a minor injury becoming a major accident and in the worst case scenario make the difference between life and death.

Learning first aid is not difficult. Simple techniques can be easily learnt by attending a first aid course taught by qualified and experienced teachers which will give the confidence needed to cope in an emergency.

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