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Au Pair Nanny Reference Letters

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Below you will find au pair nanny reference letter samples.

Sample 1

Dear Sir or Madam,

I cannot speak highly enough of ________________. She was our au pair / nanny for ____ years, caring daily for our _____ child / children starting when they were ages _____ and ____.

If I had to describe _______________ in three words, I would choose: Caring, trustworthy, and resourceful.

Every day is an adventure with _________________. When I would come home from work, my son told me stories of ______________ taking him to the park, the nature center, the aquatic center and other activities. _____________ was always sure to make each trip a fun learning experience.

__________________ is also very creative. She always had an art project on the ready, and was always up for dramatic play, even if it meant building a fort with chairs and blankets or dressing up like medieval characters or roaring like dinosaurs. Her energy seemed limitless!

While we no longer require _____________'s services (only because our children have all entered school), she calls and emails us regularly to check in on the kids, and still sends them birthday cards. They ask about her often.

I would hire ____________ again in an instant. Any family who engages her service is a fortunate family indeed.


Name Surname

Click here to download this au pair nanny reference letter sample as a word document.

Sample 2

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are an _______family living in _______. We have ______ children aged _____ and ____. At the time when ________ stayed with us as a babysitter or au pair or nanny in _______.

She spoke very little English when she arrived as a babysitter or au pair or nanny but already after approximately 3 months of language school and living with us she could communicate fairly well and follow our conversations without any problems. This shows that _______is a young woman of strong intellectual grasp.

With my wife and me both working she was a great help in the household. She prepared meals, did the ironing and cleaned the house. In all household tasks she was competent and accurate.

_______our babysitter or au pair or nanny is a very friendly and sensitive person when it comes to dealing with the children . Ours were not so very small anymore so she was like a good girlfriend to our daughter, rather like an elder sister. She understood the moods of a teenager without forgetting that she was in charge while we were not at home.

For our son _______our babysitter or au pair or nanny was a wonderful partner when it came to playing football and he will always recommend her for this among many other things like cooking pancakes together. He especially misses her very much.

_______has a great sense of humour and is willing to join all chid activities as a playmate. That makes it easy for children to like her and accept her as part of a family.

_______often joined us in family activities like going to the zoo or the museum or visiting an amusement park. She was interested in being a part of the family while respecting our privacy at the same time. Life with her was easy and agreeable and now that we have no au-pair anymore we definitely miss her presence in the house.

We can strongly recommend her as an babysitter or aupair or nanny . She will be a friendly, reliable and competent member of her host family.

With kind regards

Name Surname

Click here to download this au pair nanny reference letter sample as a word document.

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